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What Are Pre-Approved Licensing Types?

This site serves two basic types of art-licensing customers: Those offering wall-decor products and those offering other product types (such as puzzles and cups).

Artists can pre-approve individual images for wall decor use, product use, or both. Almost all our images are pre-approved for wall-decor use, with a smaller (but still large, and growing) selection pre-approved for product use.

Item licensing permissions aren’t set in stone — that’s why we’re calling them pre-approvals. If you’re a product manufacturer and spot the perfect image that’s not pre-approved for product use, please contact us! Very often it’s just a matter of us contacting the artist for new approvals.

How to View an Item’s Pre-Approved Licensing Types

When looking at an individual item’s ‘detail’ page, look to the right of the image for the ‘Licensable For’ legend.

How to Filter Art by Pre-Approval Licensing Type When Browsing

Let’s say you’re only interested in (for example) images available for product use, and don’t want to bother with inquiring about availability of other images. When browsing art, look to the left sidebar for ‘Filter Found Art’ and in the ‘Licensable For:’ section, check ‘Product.’


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New Feature: Color Explorer

To repeat from our previous post about our new Color filter tool: We have a lot of artwork, and our offerings keep growing and growing. How do you narrow it all down to what you’re looking for?

To help you find just the right artwork for your particular client or project, we’ve added another new feature: the Color Explorer.

The Color Explorer is a more exact way to search for artwork having a particular color. Choose a color and hit the Find Art button, and browse, filter and collect your found artwork from there.

Check it out:
Color Explorer

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New: Filter Found Art by Color

We have a lot of art! And more arrives all the time. The challenge is finding the right art for your client or project without having to wade through our entire offering of thousands of artworks.

To assist your search we already provide a search field at the top of every page, lots of “Find Art” menu choices (Top Sellers, New Art, All Art,  links to Category and Subject Tag lists and more), and lots of links on the home page (sidebar Category and Product Line lists, links to All Publications, Stock Publications, Distributed Prints, Resizable Prints, Explore Artists)… the list goes on.

Once you’ve made an initial choice and you’re browsing art, we also have filters in the left sidebar to refine your initial search results: Category, Product Line, Product Type, Aspect – and now: Color.

The Color filter limits the results shown to art having a color similar to the color you clicked, marked with a check. Multiple color choices are allowed, and will expand the results.

We’re not done – already on the list of improvements to be added soon: Links to items that are monochromatic/all grey, since that’s a frequent search.

Happy Browsing!

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Creating an Account and Using Collections

Create a New Account

From the homepage, click the “Log In!” button:

Under “Register”, enter your email address and then create a password. Your password needs to be at least 9 characters long and contain at least one number (0123456789) and one special character (like !@#$%^&”?):

Click the “Register” button and you’ll be taken to the “My Account” page. With your new account, you can log in from any computer or mobile device to view and edit your collections.

Create Your First Collection

From the menu bar at the top of the page, click “Collections.”

When you’re on the “Collections” page, click the “Create a New Collection” button:

On the next page, you can name your collection and add a description. By adding your name and email address (optional), you can collaborate on your new collection with your account representative. When finished, click the “Create Collection” button.

You’ve created your first collection!

Add Images to Your Collection

When viewing images throughout the website, look for the “Add to collection” plus signs:

When you click on “Add to collection,” you’ll see a list of your previously created collections, or you can click the button to create a new collection:

Add the image to a collection by clicking the collection name. You won’t be taken away from the page that you’re already on, so you can continue to add items without having to navigate back.

Manage Your Collection

From the menu bar, click “Collections.”

Beneath each collection name, you’ll see options to “Delete” or “Preview” your collection, or “Share with Friends” by email, Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. (Sharing options don’t appear if your collection is empty):

To manage a collection, click the collection name, or click “Manage this Collection.”

Near the top of the “Manage Collections” page you’ll see the URL address for your collection, which you can copy and send to your co-workers or clients. With this address, they’ll be able to view your collection, but not make changes to it:

Beneath the “Sharing” options, you’ll see the “Download” options. Select “CSV Data File” to download a comma-delimited spreadsheet file containing the related data for your collection, like artists, titles, and more. Select “Images” to download a zipped folder containing jpegs of your entire collection:

Choose “Settings” to rename your collection, change its description, or change its sharing options by adding or removing your name and email address.

To make changes to the images in your collection, click the checkbox next to every image you would like to affect, then use the “Actions”pulldown menu to remove the images from the collection, move them to another collection, or create a new collection containing the selected images. Click “Apply Action” to complete your changes:

You can also delete an image from your collection by clicking its red “Delete” button:

That’s It!

For more help with using our website, please contact your account representative or give us a call at (800) 532-2333.