Schneidersmann, Anne

The “Peak of Transition” in nature – that is what Anne Schneidersmann is always searching for – be it during early twilight, the change of the seasons or the play of light and shadow.

She discovered her love and talent for photography already in the analogue times along a strong sense for design, which first led her to a career as art director in a leading advertisement agency in Germany.

Having been part of this fast-paced world, she today creates images that celebrate the beauty of nature and invite one to be astonished.

The results are extraordinary images or, in the truest sense of the word, “light paintings” with atmospheric density and meticulous detail, pulling the viewer into those scenes and have an almost meditative effect.

Anna combines her feeling for special perspectives with creative camera and image processing techniques to depict each scene in an artistic way, however, without distorting the image or making it unnatural.

Anne Schneidersmann has been gaining international reputation for her particular style and atmosphere. In 2015, she had been awarded by the Federation of European Photographers for her Nature Photography work together a.o. with Peter Lik, who received this award in the same session.

Anne lives near Munich in Bavaria, Germany from where she travels the world to capture her “light paintings.”

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