Greer, Lexie

Lexie has always loved to create artwork. Growing up as an only child in Brisbane, Australia, she spent many hours drawing and painting the days away.

She is endlessly drawn to nature, and likes to find inspiration in her surroundings. She finds a single leaf just as striking as an entire landscape, and likes to focus her work on revealing the beauty in such things in a unique way. Sometimes she uses bright colors to grab the eye, and at other times she’ll create a striking piece through black and white imagery.

Lexie often mixes photography with hand-painted elements which she then scans and edits to create interesting compositions. Taking a photograph and adding unexpected pops of colour, pattern or painted texture creates an uplifting artwork that is a feast for the eyes.

Being able to work digitally at times has proven to be a huge asset for Lexie to find time to create while raising her young family. However she is always drawn back to the hypnotising mixing of pigments and water across a page, so she relishes the chance to express herself with paint whenever the opportunity arises.

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Showing all 12 results