Blaustein, Alan

Alan’s fine art photography publishing projects have been successful as wall decor, calendars, books and greeting cards. In addition, his hand crafted black and white and sepia fine art prints are sought after by collectors and featured in exhibitions in Museums and Galleries. He has had numerous solo and group exhibitions over the past 20 years, including a 120 print retrospective.

Alan’s excursions to Europe have taken on new interest now that his style of photography has been discovered. For several decades Alan has been capturing images in European parks and gardens. On his European photography excursions Alan still uses large format traditional film cameras photographing preferably in adverse weather. “I see Europe in black-and-white in my mind’s eye because it is so old and there is so much stone and texture. When it is cloudy and dreary out, I often photograph all day. The textures and tones I am looking for are depicted delicately when the lighting is soft.” Primarily Alan prefers to photograph during the sunrise and sunset hours, as well as at night. This gives his photographs a crisp, clean mood; with perfect detail in the highlights and shadows. Alan’s approach, photographic style and sensitivity to lighting help capture the spirit of the architecture and environment in his photography.

Alan is a passionate traveler and image maker. During time spent abroad and within the USA, he has captured a unique variety of photography ranging from architecture to landscapes, in addition to portraits and still life photography.

Alan’s nostalgic, soft, romantic and alluring imagery brings the past into the present.

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