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What Are Pre-Approved Licensing Types?

This site serves two basic types of art-licensing customers: Those offering wall-decor products and those offering other product types (such as puzzles and cups).

Artists can pre-approve individual images for wall decor use, product use, or both. Almost all our images are pre-approved for wall-decor use, with a smaller (but still large, and growing) selection pre-approved for product use.

Item licensing permissions aren’t set in stone — that’s why we’re calling them pre-approvals. If you’re a product manufacturer and spot the perfect image that’s not pre-approved for product use, please contact us! Very often it’s just a matter of us contacting the artist for new approvals.

How to View an Item’s Pre-Approved Licensing Types

When looking at an individual item’s ‘detail’ page, look to the right of the image for the ‘Licensable For’ legend.

How to Filter Art by Pre-Approval Licensing Type When Browsing

Let’s say you’re only interested in (for example) images available for product use, and don’t want to bother with inquiring about availability of other images. When browsing art, look to the left sidebar for ‘Filter Found Art’ and in the ‘Licensable For:’ section, check ‘Product.’