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New: Filter Found Art by Color

We have a lot of art! And more arrives all the time. The challenge is finding the right art for your client or project without having to wade through our entire offering of thousands of artworks.

To assist your search we already provide a search field at the top of every page, lots of “Find Art” menu choices (Top Sellers, New Art, All Art,  links to Category and Subject Tag lists and more), and lots of links on the home page (sidebar Category and Product Line lists, links to All Publications, Stock Publications, Distributed Prints, Resizable Prints, Explore Artists)… the list goes on.

Once you’ve made an initial choice and you’re browsing art, we also have filters in the left sidebar to refine your initial search results: Category, Product Line, Product Type, Aspect – and now: Color.

The Color filter limits the results shown to art having a color similar to the color you clicked, marked with a check. Multiple color choices are allowed, and will expand the results.

We’re not done – already on the list of improvements to be added soon: Links to items that are monochromatic/all grey, since that’s a frequent search.

Happy Browsing!